Fighting To Minimize The Consequences Of A Criminal Charge

A criminal conviction can alter your life in ways you cannot imagine. You are likely aware that a criminal conviction can lead to fines, probation and even incarceration depending on the charge. A criminal conviction could also keep you from driving, damage your professional opportunities and harm your reputation in your community. The only thing standing between you and these dire consequences could be your criminal defense lawyer.

Protecting Your Rights And Reputation

Consider Zweig Law PC, Attorneys at Law. Based in Summit County and representing clients across a broad region, we are committed to defending individuals facing all types of felony and misdemeanor allegations, including:

  • Drunk driving/DUI/DWI/DWAI
  • Domestic violence
  • Drug crimes

An arrest does not guarantee a conviction. The government is required to prove every part of its case beyond a reasonable doubt. Through careful investigation and analysis, we will identify all possible defenses in order to find the weaknesses in the prosecution's case. Our effort and ability give our clients the best chance of achieving a positive outcome, whether it is a dismissal of some or all charges, a plea agreement that minimizes the consequences you face, or success in trial.

What You Need To Know About Legalization Of Marijuana

The recent legalization of marijuana in Colorado has dramatically changed the criminal justice system. Despite the legalization of this drug, there are still limits as to how much marijuana a person may legally own. In addition, you must be 21 to possess marijuana and use must be at home, not in public. Furthermore, individuals can still be charged with driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while ability impaired (DWAI). If you have been charged with any marijuana-related offenses, we stand ready to help.

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