Aggressive Defense Of Domestic Violence Charges

In Colorado, a domestic violence charge is a very serious matter. If you are convicted, you may be forced out of your home, lose your child custody rights and your right to possess firearms. You could also be sentenced to jail. If you have been charged with domestic violence, or accused of violating a no-contact order, the potential consequences are serious indeed.

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Fighting For Your Rights And Freedom

Not all domestic violence allegations have a firm basis in fact. In the midst of divorce proceeding or child custody dispute, or when a relationship is particularly combustible, one party can seek to obtain an advantage by falsely alleging domestic violence against the other. However, there are defenses against false allegations of violence. As with all other criminal charges, the state must provide all elements of the case beyond a reasonable doubt. If just one element can be effectively challenged, then a defendant could obtain a positive outcome in the case.

Cathy Cheroutes is a former district attorney who now defends people accused of domestic violence and other crimes. She understands how to assess the strengths and weaknesses of prosecutors' cases and how to mount effective defenses to charges alleging domestic violence and contempt of no-contact orders.

Representation In Protection Order Hearings

When someone is seeking a protection order (no-contact order), a judge will make a decision based on court testimony. You have the right to challenge the other party's assertions. Our firm can tell your story in court with the objective of preventing the issuance of a protection order or to minimize the severity of onerous provisions that would otherwise be included in the order.

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