Protecting Your Child Custody And Parenting Time Rights

As a parent, you love your children and place the highest priority on their well-being. At Zweig Law PC, Attorneys at Law, we understand your passion. We will work hard to help you achieve custody and parenting time arrangements that enable you to maintain a close and meaningful parental relationship with your children.

Our firm can represent you in matters involving:

  • Shared custody and sole custody
  • Parental responsibilities and parenting time orders
  • Modifications in custody and parenting time orders
  • Proposed parental/child relocations

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Getting Results Through Negotiation, Mediation And Litigation

At Zweig Law PC, Attorneys at Law, our child custody lawyers always select the legal strategy best suited to achieve our clients' goals. In many cases that means achieving results through negotiated or mediated settlements. Such techniques can minimize the possibility of conflict, reduce stress and keep legal costs reasonable. Children do better too, when they see their parents cooperating in child-rearing duties. If you can reach an agreement with the other parent concerning the division of parental responsibilities, the court will likely go along.

At the same time, we are highly experienced trial attorneys who have handled numerous cases involving high-conflict child custody disputes. Whatever your situation, Zweig Law PC, Attorneys at Law, will work tirelessly to protect your rights and achieve your goals.

Creative Child Custody And Visitation Solutions

Nowadays, parents live very busy lives. In most cases, both parents work, and they must balance their work duties with the needs of their children, including after-school activities, time with grandparents and other needs.

At Zweig Law PC, Attorneys at Law, we have creative custody and visitation solutions for busy parents. These include equal access scheduling where parents divide parenting time equally and split scheduling where different children have different schedules with each parent. The traditional primary parenting time schedule (where children live primarily with one parent while the other enjoys more limited time with the children) is also possible.

When representing you, our family law attorneys will seek to achieve the solution that works best for you and is in the "best interests" of your children.

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