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Unconscious bias in the criminal justice system

Judges in Colorado and around the country are expected to interpret the law in a fair, impartial and unbiased way, but even the most pragmatic and sober human beings are products of their environments and upbringings. Neuroscientists do not yet fully understand the workings of the human brain, but the research that has been done suggests that the subconscious mind plays a key role in decision making and often leads people to behave in ways that run contrary to their conscious beliefs.

A study published by Cornell Law School reveals that judges frequently rely on intuition rather than deliberation when making decisions, which could explain why African-Americans are treated so harshly by the criminal justice system. Few judges would admit to holding racist views, but the figures indicate that black defendants are more likely to be convicted, spend more time in prison and are sentenced to death more frequently.

Colorado ranks high for red-light-running deaths

Driving around Breckenridge and other Colorado mountain towns can prove dangerous as it is, thanks to heavy seasonal snowfall, steep hills and similar hazardous conditions. However, KKTV reports that, in comparison to the rest of the nation, Colorado motorists are also among those most likely find themselves killed in crashes due to red-light runners.

According to statistics from 2017, 20 people lost their lives as a result of red-light runners in Colorado in 2017, with only five states in the nation losing more people due to these circumstances. While these numbers are concerning for all Colorado motorists, they also highlight a continuing trend that impacts not just Colorado drivers, but all drivers nationwide.

What everyone should know about crime in the U.S.

Political campaigns often make crime one of the key focal points of those running for office in Colorado and across the United States. Promises to decrease crime by coming down hard on criminals makes for good political fodder. It may not show an accurate portrait of the real crime statistics in the country, however.

Studies show that even though crime across the country is down, many people believe that it is on the rise. Data from the annual Bureau of Justice statistics and an annual report by the Federal Bureau of Investigation show that violent crime has sharply decreased across the United States since the early 1990s. Though there is some discrepancy in the numbers, violent crime has dropped between 51% and 71% during 1993 and 2018. The same is true for property crimes, which fell by 54% during the same time period.

More American adults getting arrested

The crime rate in Colorado and across the U.S. has been on a downward trend for decades. However, statistics show that more people are getting arrested than ever before.

A recent study published in the journal Crime & Delinquency found that U.S. adults between the ages of 26 and 35 years old were 3.6 times more likely to have an arrest record than Americans aged 66 or older. That means that 23% of Americans born between the years of 1979 and 1988 have been arrested at least once. In comparison, only 6.4% of Americans born before 1949 have at least one arrest on their record.

Distracted driving can be dangerous for teenagers

Parents tend to worry about their teenagers whenever they are riding in a vehicle, and this can be especially true when they are riding with an inexperienced driver. Colorado parents and others worry the most about teens getting rides from those who play loud music or who have multiple teenagers in the car at the same time. This is according to a survey done by researchers at the University of Michigan.

The researchers say that parents should be teaching their children how to be safe passengers. This is because the risk of getting hurt in an accident is shared between the driver and the passenger. Ideally, parents will start a dialogue with their children to help them understand the dangers of distracted driving and how to mitigate them. Furthermore, they can take steps to limit when their children are in cars being driven by a teenager.

A CO breathalyzer partnership aims to reduce drunk driving

If you are a resident of Colorado, you may have seen the ads or billboards about "The Heat is On" campaign.

The state is serious about bringing drunk driving fatalities down to zero, and the Colorado Department of Transportation has partnered with a personal breathalyzer company to help make that happen.

Federal judge rules that terror watchlist is unconstitutional

On Sept. 4, a federal judge ruled that the U.S. government's terrorist watchlist is unconstitutional. The ruling impacts several thousand U.S. citizens, including some Colorado residents, who the Terrorist Screening Database refer to as "known or suspected terrorists."

According to media reports, the number of people named on the watchlist, which is maintained by the FBI, has significantly increased in recent years. For example, there were only around 600,000 people on the list in 2013. However, by June 2017, the number of people named had grown to approximately 1.16 million. Most of those listed are foreigners, but the government has confirmed that there are also approximately 4,600 U.S. citizens and permanent residents on the list. The list is shared among several federal agencies, and officials use it to check people who enter the country via border crossings and airports.

Subaru Crosstreks sees most crashes despite high safety rating

Auto accidents in Colorado and across the U.S. affect 25.81% of all the Subaru Crosstreks on the road today. The Crosstrek is involved in more at-fault crashes than any other newer vehicle according to Insurify. The auto insurance comparison site has even compiled a list of 10 cars that are involved in the most crashes; altogether, car crashes affect 13.64% of these vehicles.

It may seem strange that the Crosstrek would be at the top of the list when the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety gave the 2019 Crosstrek the highest possible safety rating. This rating covers both crashworthiness and crash avoidance. It is true that many crashes lead only to minor injuries for the drivers of and passengers in Subaru Crosstreks. Crosstreks are also affordable and have great fuel economy, adding to their value.

Study of divorce reasons offers insights about marriage

When people in Colorado begin considering divorce, it might be because they feel their marriage is emotionally unfulfilling. A study that was published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy reported that the reasons people give for divorce tend to be emotional and psychological and not reasons related to behavior.

The study surveyed 2,371 people who had recently divorced and who were 45 years old on average. It found that 47% said they got a divorce because they no longer loved their partner or vice versa, and 44% said communication issues were one of the main reasons that led to the end of their marriage. Problems with communication has long been understand as a major reason for divorce. The third most commonly cited reason for divorce was a betrayal of trust or a lack of respect for one another. In fourth place, people said they had grown apart from their spouse. Researchers said that the responses suggested a change in how marriage is viewed. Increasingly, it is considered something that fundamentally should provide both spouses with emotional support.

Smart social media use during divorce

For some ex-spouses in Colorado, posting on social media about a divorce might seem like a good way to vent. However, this can also backfire. Anything people post online might be used against them during a divorce. It is better to keep conversations about a divorce offline and avoid mentioning a marriage breakup on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms.

Couples who are divorcing amicably could make an agreement about announcing the split online. Spouses should keep in mind that using social media irresponsibly can change an amicable divorce into a contentious battle. If there are kids involved, parents should be aware of each other's preferences regarding posting about the children online. They may want to include a provision in the divorce agreement that outlines whether photos and other information about their children will be shared on social media.

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