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Payroll deductions make it easier to collect child support

Parents in Colorado who pay or receive child support might be interested in learning about how efficient payroll deductions are when it comes to collecting support. According to the Office of Child Support Enforcement, collecting payments via electronic forms, in particular through payroll deductions, is a highly efficient way to do this.

In 2017, OCSE collected $24.4 billion in child support through payroll deductions. This was a significant portion of the $32.4 billion collected overall for that year. The OCSE finds this to be a very efficient way of collecting, particularly when considering that for every dollar the office invests in the process, it is able to collect $5.33. However, before it continues to expand the program, the OCSE will study whether the return on the investment will be justified.

The process to collect support via withholding involves good communication between the OCSE, payroll professionals and the Payroll Association as well as working parents and an effective system of collection and disbursement of the funds. Currently, the OCSE also processes new hire reports. These are crucial to the collection as employers are required to file these soon after a new employee starts working. Through these reports, of which 67 million were collected in 2017, the OCSE is then able to identify when a parent who pays child support begins working, and employers can figure out any withholding that needs to be made on the employee's paycheck.

Parents who are negotiating child support payments might contact a family law professional to assist them through the process. Since each state has different legislation and formulas to determine support amount, in addition to different processes for filing and receiving child support, a lawyer may explain the local process to the parent and offer support.

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