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What if I am convicted of domestic violence?

There are many forms of domestic violence and abuse, from physical and verbal to emotional and sexual. Abuse might manifest itself in the form of making threats, destroying property or stalking, all of which can have criminal consequences.

If someone accuses you of domestic violence, such allegations and any resulting charges can have serious consequences.

Facts about domestic violence charges and penalties

The charges you could face and possible penalties depend on what state you live in. In Colorado, for instance, you can face domestic violence charges, which means that you acted violently or threatened violence against someone with whom you have an intimate relationship. The intimate relationship could be with a current spouse, previous spouse, or a romantic partner you never married.

There are numerous penalties you could face if you are convicted of domestic violence.

  • If you own a gun and are convicted of domestic violence, you cannot keep it. You must sell it or give it away. You cannot purchase any guns or ammunition, either.
  • You may have to participate in a domestic violence counseling and treatment program.
  • You may receive probation.
  • You may have to take part in a substance abuse counseling program if you use drugs or alcohol.
  • The judge may order a mandatory order of protection. A protection order will prohibit you from contacting the person who accuses you.
  • A conviction can be used against you if your spouse wants to file for a divorce. You may also lose custody of your children.
  • You may receive a habitual offender classification if you have been convicted at least three times of domestic violence in the past. This can result in escalated charges and penalties.

Domestic violence is a charge that you should not take lightly. The charges could harm your reputation and you could lose your freedom with a conviction. Understanding this can be crucial in case you ever face these serious allegations.

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