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Co-parenting with an ex-spouse

Divorced parents in Colorado may have to work to develop an efficient co-parenting arrangement to ensure that the needs of their children will be met. A co-parenting couple should be aware that their relationship can be challenging and is likely to change throughout the years.

Even if ex-spouses have an amicable bond after a divorce, they are still likely to find that their co-parenting relationship can be difficult to manage. There are issues, such as different methods of parenting or having to cope with envy when one parent is in a new romantic relationship, that require both parties to become more adept at processing developments that may be difficult handle emotionally. However, it can be easier to co-parent if both parties are committed to taking certain steps to prioritize their children.

Both parents should place equal importance on their co-parenting arrangement and understand how critical the relationship is to the welfare of their children. Not only should both parents be focused on ensuring the emotional health of their children, but they should also be willing to exhibit at least some good will toward one another.

Recognizing the harm that can result from denigrating the other parent in front of the children is another aspect of having an effective co-parenting relationship. Parents should also be appreciative of the attachment that their children have to each ex.

A divorcee may consult a family law attorney about their legal options regarding child custody issues. The attorney could engage in negotiation to obtain settlement terms that allow both parents to be a constant presence in their children's lives. Litigation may be used to protect the rights of a client in disputes regarding other family law matters, such as visitation, parenting schedules, child support, parental relocation and more.

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