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Some divorces take longer than others

Some Colorado couples may believe that it only takes a few months to get a divorced finalized. Contrary to this belief, however, a divorce can take a year or more depending on whether the former couple is amicable or if the situation is complex.

One of the quickest ways to get a divorce is to go through a DIY divorce. This type of divorce is ideal for former couples who have either not been married for very long or do not have many assets to divide. All the former couple needs to do is file the paperwork and wait a few months. Mediation is similar with the exception that a mediator will help resolve any problems that the former couple may have. The mediator can be an attorney, therapist or other third party as long as he or she has an understanding of the state's divorce laws.

Arbitration is similar to mediation, though the arbitrator will ultimately make the decisions on any issues that the former couple cannot agree on. The issues arbitrators can resolve may include child support and child custody battles. Former couples can also choose a negotiated settlement, which is a settlement that has been agreed upon through the negotiation of both parties and their attorneys.

Even if a divorce is amicable and both former spouses are able to work together, it can still be difficult to reach a final separation agreement. In these cases, a family law attorney may assist with the negotiation process in order to reach a divorce settlement out of court. If a settlement cannot be reached and one spouse refuses to come to any agreement, the attorney can provide representation in court.

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