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Distracted driving most common in the afternoon

Colorado residents who wish to avoid being involved in a distracted driving accident should avoid taking trips between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m., according to a study published recently by the workforce management firm Motus. After reviewing traffic accident and insurance data, the Boston-based company found that American drivers are most likely to be distracted during the afternoon hours. Researchers also came to the worrying conclusion that vehicles with distracted drivers behind the wheel cover 107 million miles each year.

The distracted driving study also suggests that the problem is getting worse due to the growing popularity of internet-connected devices like smartphones. The figures reveal that the number of traffic accidents in the US rose by 12.3 percent between 2013 and 2017 despite the introduction of sophisticated autonomous safety systems. During the same period, the percentage of Americans who own smartphones grew from 55 percent to 77 percent. The researchers also found that mobile workers may pose an especially serious threat to other road users.

The report indicates that mobile workers take 49 percent more trips than other drivers and cover about 1,200 miles each year while distracted by cellphones or other factors. The researchers say that the resulting accidents cost employers about $1,680 every year for each mobile worker they employ. Steps employers can take to reduce these risks include offering mobile workers training about the dangers of cell phone use behind the wheel, performing thorough motor vehicle records checks before hiring them and ensuring that they maintain sufficient levels of car insurance coverage.

While smartphones have made the roads more dangerous, the electronic trails they leave behind have also made it easier for investigators to identify when distraction may have caused an accident. Experienced personal injury attorneys could also use wireless service records and cell phone call logs to establish that defendants in car accident lawsuits were distracted when they crashed.

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