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The First Step Act and criminal justice reform

Many Colorado residents concerned about criminal justice reform have heard about the First Step Act, the bill introduced to Congress with support from widely disparate groups. Backers of the bill include President Trump as well as longtime justice reform advocates like the American Civil Liberties Union. Often described as a compromise bill, the proposal has been criticized as well. Some say that it is too soft on crime while others note that many of the reforms are seemingly cosmetic and may not make a significant difference in the system's operation. It is important for people to understand the bill's provisions, especially if they could potentially be impacted by the changes.

Avoid accidents caused by excessive sun glare

Drivers in Colorado may encounter dangers when they least expect them. While many people think that a clear day is not a likely time to encounter problems with poor visibility, sun glare can present a major danger on the roads, especially during the morning and afternoon rush-hour drives. This is particularly dangerous when the visibility issues created by bright sunlight combine with negligent or distracted driving. However, people can take steps to protect themselves while driving facing the bright rays of a rising or setting sun.

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