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Preparing for winter driving

Snow, ice and whiteout conditions can make driving during the winter very hazardous. Drivers are advised to use as much caution as possible when traveling in or through states like Colorado that experience this type of weather. Fortunately, some new technologies are helping make the roads safer during winter. One is enhanced traction control, which helps keep the vehicle gripped to the road when accelerating or braking.

Checking the weather before going out on the road is one of the best ways a driver can avoid an accident. If cold temperatures are expected, the vehicle should be warmed up a bit before leaving. When the weather service advises people to stay off certain highways or areas, drivers should always listen. In the unfortunate incident that someone gets stranded on the side of the road, they should remain in their vehicle and try to signal for help.

While out on the road, there are a variety of winter driving tactics that will make accidents less likely. For example, drivers should avoid using their cruise control and parking brakes. Following distance should be increased to at least 8 seconds. Drivers shouldn't stop while going uphill, and they should accelerate and brake as slowly as possible.

Individuals who are injured as a result of reckless driving during winter weather may be able to get compensation for their medical costs, lost wages and other related damages. The first step is to seek a consultation from a personal injury attorney. They can examine the circumstances of the case and help the victim decide if pursuing damages is legally feasible. Many attorneys who work on these cases do not require a fee unless they are able to obtain compensation for their clients.

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