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2 key factors to consider when facing a DUI charge

If you happen to be a tourist who ends up with a DUI charge in Breckenridge, you may want to think twice before you put the situation out of mind. DUI charges are nothing to make light of, especially if you are a tourist. Though you might not be a local area resident, a DUI charge will follow you throughout your life. It goes on your criminal record where employers and other parties can see it, and it may make it harder for you to qualify for federal and public benefits and programs. 

Habitual DUI offenders face felony charges and up to six years behind bars. Even if this is your first time facing criminal charges, it is vital for you to consider the following pointers on mitigating them. 

1. Avoid self-incrimination

Part of an effective DUI charge defense is to keep quiet so you do not say anything that might come back to haunt you in court. This includes any information that you supply to law enforcement and how you handle your affairs leading up to your day in court. Your statements can mean all the difference in whether you overcome the situation or spend time behind bars, pay hefty fines and restitution, install an interlock ignition on your vehicle and receive a criminal conviction on your record. A first-time DUI offense can even affect your livelihood and freedom. 

2. Do not assume guilt 

Contrary to common belief, sobriety testing devices that law enforcement uses in the field are not infallible. They can give false positive and abnormally high blood alcohol content readings when law enforcement does not properly administer or calibrate them. Also, your words and actions at the time of your arrest may be a part of the evidence substantiating your DUI charge. Until you have your day in court, you are innocent. You have the right to call into question the accuracy and reliability of any evidence and sobriety testing equipment as part of your defense. 

DUI charges, whether drug or alcohol-related, are nothing to ignore. Everyone makes mistakes. What you do about that mistake is what will ultimately determine the outcome.

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