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The divorce of the ultra-wealthy

Even though plenty of individuals in Colorado go through a divorce every year, the entire process can be a very different experience based on how much a couple is worth. The simplest case in point is that wealthy soon-to-be divorcees have very different concerns than what might ail the everyday individual.

Of the many differences, a few stand out. The first relates to the assets being split up. A wealthy couple has a plethora of financial and real assets, including stocks, options, and art collections, all of which add to the value of the couple. This, in turn, makes the divorce proceedings all the more complicated. The second difference lies in alimony payments. Normally, this would be a point of contention between a couple going through a divorce. However, when a couple is splitting up and each party is walking away with a few million dollars, neither party needs support payments. With this in mind, despite men usually taking away more money, women tended to fare well enough that they didn't need any alimony checks.

It should be noted that the wealth is split up if it was created during the marriage. However, if a party entered the marriage with most of its wealth, then this wealth is usually not subject to being divided between the parties during a divorce. Consequently, if one party was used to living off of the wealth of the other individual, then said party could get harmed by the divorce.

There are other differences inherent in a divorce between a wealthy couple, such as the strategies each party could adopt in order to maximize their gains. For example, some individuals hide a portion of their wealth in secret bank accounts half-way around the world, in the hopes of keeping it out of the divorce, while other individuals try to show that their partner had little to do with the creation of the wealth in the first place. Regardless, both parties stand to gain from acquiring the services of a professional divorce attorney who can help them during this critical time.

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