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The link between payroll and child support

In 2017, $24.4 billion in child support payments were collected through payroll deductions in Colorado and throughout the country. During that year, a total of $32.4 billion in support payments were collected from all sources. The agency collects $5.33 for every dollar it spends to operate its internet portal program, according to the Office of Child Support Enforcement's (OCSE) office commissioner. However, the OCSE is looking for other ways to become even more efficient.

There were 67,458,725 new hire reports in 2017. Employers are required to file them in a timely manner after bringing on a new employee, and they are used to determine if money needs to be withheld for child support. In addition to reporting new hires, employers can also report if lump-sum payments are made to workers or if certain individuals no longer work for the company.

It is possible that the internet portal program will grow in the future. However, the OSCE is waiting to see if it would actually lead to greater efficiency. According to the OSCE's commissioner, the child support system works best when payroll departments act as willing partners. He also said that it only works when there is a system that makes it easier to distribute money earned by a noncustodial parent.

Individuals who are seeking child support payments may want to consider hiring a family law professional. Such an individual may be able to help custodial parents determine if their children's other parents are working and where. It may also help facilitate the transfer of payments from one parent to the other. If a noncustodial parent is not making payments as ordered, it may be possible for an attorney to take steps to resolve the matter either in court or through other means.

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