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How a DUI conviction negatively impacts your employment

Should you find yourself facing DUI charges while in Colorado on spring break or at any other time, you will definitely want to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to aggressively defend you in court. The last thing you need is a DUI conviction on your record that will follow you for years as you attempt to establish your career and move ever upward through the employment world.

Unfortunately, a DUI conviction could end your employment dreams before you even begin to fulfill them. Should your ambition entail practicing medicine, law or any of the other professions, the state licensing board could refuse to grant you the professional license you need to practice in your chosen profession if it discovers that your record contains a criminal conviction. In addition, should the job you apply for requires a Commercial Driver’s License, you likely will find it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to obtain one once you receive a DUI conviction.

Employment background checks

When you apply for a job, your prospective employer almost assuredly will run a background check on you. Not only will your criminal conviction come to light, but many or all of the following may well, too:

  • Records of any incarceration you served as a result of your DUI or other criminal conviction(s)
  • Records from the court(s) that tried you for DUI or other criminal charges
  • Driving records from the state(s) where you became convicted of DUI or other traffic-related offense(s)
  • Records from the state(s) where your driver’s license became suspended or revoked
  • The Facebook and other social media posts you and/or your family and friends posted about your arrest and/or conviction

Once the background check reveals all these negative things about you, your chances of obtaining employment plummet. Rightly or wrongly, many employers refuse to hire someone with a criminal conviction on his or her record if they have other applicants whose records are clean.

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