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Safety technology belongs in every vehicle

In Colorado and across the United States, 90 percent of serious car crashes are caused by drivers who make wrong decisions at critical moments. Automatic emergency braking systems and forward collision warnings help prevent mistakes from taking place. However, only 56 percent of the vehicles manufactured in 2019 include these safety features. Jeff Plungis of Consumer Reports believes that every new automobile needs to have a forward collision warning and an automatic emergency braking system. He mentions that technology is not always implemented in a timely manner. For instance, he states that it took more than a decade before it was mandatory for car manufacturers to include seat belts in all vehicles.

Thanks to the invention of the now common seat belt, more than 300,000 people have survived car crashes since 1960. Today, seat belt technology has improved by the implementation of two parts called the "limiter" and the "pretensioner." A limiter provides enough slack to protect the seat belt wearer from injuries. A pretensioner ensures that the seat belt becomes tighter in the event of a crash.

In addition, some vehicles include inflatable seat belts offering even more protection from potentially serious injuries. Plungis states that many automobiles do not include built-in safety features. Plus, he mentions that safety features often focus on front seats rather than rear seats. He states that life-saving technology is not only for wealthy people who can afford to buy expensive luxury cars.

A car accident can occur even if the vehicle includes every conceivable safety feature. Survivors of car crashes need to understand that insurance companies do not necessarily provide adequate compensation for injuries and injury-related matters. When a victim incurs paralysis or a traumatic brain injury caused by a car crash, speaking to a personal injury attorney may lead to monetary compensation.

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