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Distracted driving can be dangerous for teenagers

Parents tend to worry about their teenagers whenever they are riding in a vehicle, and this can be especially true when they are riding with an inexperienced driver. Colorado parents and others worry the most about teens getting rides from those who play loud music or who have multiple teenagers in the car at the same time. This is according to a survey done by researchers at the University of Michigan.

The researchers say that parents should be teaching their children how to be safe passengers. This is because the risk of getting hurt in an accident is shared between the driver and the passenger. Ideally, parents will start a dialogue with their children to help them understand the dangers of distracted driving and how to mitigate them. Furthermore, they can take steps to limit when their children are in cars being driven by a teenager.

According to the survey of 900 parents, more than 40% restricted the amount of time that their child could spend traveling with a teen driver. There were also restrictions put into place as to when a teen could ride in a vehicle operated by another teenager. More than half of parents surveyed said that they wouldn't let their son or daughter ride with a friend or other inexperienced driver after midnight.

Distracted drivers may be more likely to cause an accident that leads to property damage or bodily injury. Those who are injured in such an accident may want to speak with a personal injury lawyer about their cases. It may be possible to obtain compensation from a negligent driver for medical bills, lost wages and lost future earnings. Generally speaking, distracted driving is a form of negligence, and distractions could include using cellphones or changing radio stations.

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